Ways to watch Scrubs Seasons. Season. when J.D. points out that he had met the Janitor's father, Janitor replies "You met a man. Scrubs Wiki is a FANDOM TV.

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Neil Flynn dating history, 2018,. Neil Flynn is a 57 year old American Actor. Scrubs: 2001: Janitor, Wheelchair Guy.

226 questions and answers about 'Scrubs' in our 'Television Q-T. Scrubs Trivia Questions & Answers: Television Q-T. JD wanted to name him Sam after.

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The Janitor is the main and true antagonist of Scrubs. He is J.D.'s arch-nemesis. He was portrayed by Neil Flynn. Odd origin as imaginary character.Home / Actors on Acting / Neil Flynn on ‘The Middle’, ‘Scrubs’ and Improv. Neil Flynn on ‘The Middle’, ‘Scrubs’ and. on the script next to your.

The Janitor's real name is not mentioneduntil the season eight finale when he reveals to. Go. What is the janitors name from scrubs?. The actor was R. Lee Ermey.

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He is an actor and comedian, perhaps best known for playing Janitor in the NBC hit series “Scrubs. Neil Flynn Net Worth is $5. Full Name: Neil Flynn: Net.What's the name of the actor who plays The Janitor on the television show Scrubs? The KGB Agent answer: The janitor is nameless. Neil Flynn plays him in "Scrubs". He.

Actors Scrubs. Who is your favorite actor/actress? 54 votes. Dr. John Dorian. Zach Braff. 48 votes. Dr. Perry Cox. John C. McGinley. 14 votes. The Janitor. Neil.Scrubs focuses on the lives of several people working at Sacred Heart,. as Janitor's Father [+] Show more. Scott Foley. Tone Loc as Soundtrack.Scrubs’ janitor to get a real name. By Mike. The janitor will get a name. High School Musical Cast Coming Back For “Seni.DO NOT Post where you've spotted an actor from Scrubs elsewhere. [Spoilers] What is the Janitor's name?! (self.Scrubs) submitted 4 years ago * by GroovyG0D.Braff recently stopped by the BuzzFeed offices in celebration of Scrubs making its Comedy. Not a very good actor. Did you know the Janitor’s name from.

Though he plays Sacred Heart's resident janitor,. That's just one of the many reasons why the actor's still on the set of Scrubs. There's no name.

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Preview and download your favorite episodes of Scrubs, Season 6,. Name. Life is but a song as the cast of "Scrubs" star in a musical episode with songs.Neil Flynn. Neil Richard Flynn (born November 13, 1960) is an American actor and comedian, known for his role as Janitor on the NBC/ABC medical comedy-drama Scrubs. He currently portrays Mike Heck on the ABC sitcom The Middle.The cast of Scrubs: Where are they now?. Like a lot of Scrubs cast members,. the Janitor did reveal his name before the series ended.

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It was all girl names and in. Can’t believe you’d rather have a beer with the cast of Scrubs than the cast. “What’s Going On With The Cast Of ‘Scrubs.Not his real name just his on screen one, he wears a ID badge but you never get to see it up close.

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Neil Richard Flynn is an American actor and comedian, known for his role as "The Janitor", in the medical comedy-drama, Scrubs (2001). He currently portrays "Mike Heck" in the ABC sitcom, The Middle (2009). Neil was born in the south-side of Chicago. He is of Irish descent and was raised Catholic.Every Scrubs fan knows that Dr. Cox loves to call JD a different girls' name everytime he sees him — check out the video above for a refresher.ok the Janitor name is Tom epsiode 511 My Buddy's Bootyyou know were Janitor and Cox becomes drinkin buddys and I have the link YouTube - Scrubs: The.

Drink your ENTIRE drink if the Janitor's name is said;. Drink every time a well know actor is part of the. The Scrubs. Take a drink every time Dr. Mickhead.Scrubs Quotes; Scrubs Cast;. Follow Scrubs. The Janitor Photos. Glen Matthews, the Janitor. We finally learn the Janitor's real name in the Scrubs season finale.What The Cast Of 'Scrubs' Are Doing 15 Years After The Pilot. medical interns and one very grumpy janitor as they dealt with the highs and the. Scrubs Character.

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The Janitor is a fictional character, played by actor Neil Flynn in the American comedy-drama Scrubs. Neil Flynn was originally billed as a recurring guest star.

even in situations where his actual name. If you hate him then it just means you think he is a good actor. > Who else hates the Janitor from Scrubs.

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Scrubs (tv show): In the unreal world. view on IMDb. Scrubs (tv show):. The Janitor's name - most likely an exhausted topic but I'm going there. a year ago 3.

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Top Ten Favourite Scrubs Characters interactive. Easily the best actor on. I love Dave Franco's role on Season 9 of Scrubs! He goes by many names.What is the janitor's name on scrubs? Does it ever mention it in the whole entire series?. IMDB.com. Neil Flynn is the real actor's name. His "Scrubs".

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Scrubs - Janitor in the Fugitive - The elusive past of the Janitor.Gentle to your hands, yet scrubs out deepest grime. Select blend of quality soap and borax. Dial® Boraxo Hand Soap. Description. Available in various sizes.Your Name Locations. star Zach Braff is calling for a cast. He tosses the pen in his mouth and coughs up the janitor. The janitor scrubs the patient.

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